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Cedar Ridge High School7

Round Rock, TX | Williamson County

March 18, 2015

My son is a sophomore and am very happy with the overall administration, faculty, academics and athletics. I have zero complaints. Teachers have been very responsive to questions and are always willing to meet with me whenever I requested a face to face meeting. All of my son's teachers make themselves available in the morning and after school for tutorials and often text parents and students with information we all need. Of course there will be personality challenges between some students and teachers but this is real world as we'll likely face the same challenges in the workforce. Students are held accountable for all their actions. Not sure what else to say other than we have been very pleased so far.

Submitted by a parent

March 5, 2015

Sex, drugs and bullying...the administration could absolutely care less about it. Teachers inept at teaching their classes and refusal to respond to parental emails or phone calls. It's a beautiful school with great options for classes as well as extracurricular activities. However the bad definitely outweighs the good.

Submitted by a parent

September 14, 2014

CRHS has an excellent faculty, top notch programs for the students, and an exceptionally beautiful campus. The band program there is one of the best in the nation, and led by an impressive directive staff. The only complaint I have had or heard of at CRHS over the years is the poor quality volleyball program, which hopefully will improve once the staff is replaced. I highly recommend CRHS to anyone looking for excellence in education.

Submitted by a parent

May 28, 2014

Cedar Ridge High School is a pretty good school! The school has an excellent athletic department (recently more than a month ago, the Varsity and JV girls' track and field teams got 2nd place in district :))and there's a variety clubs and extra-curricular activities (the Mu Alpha Theta Math Club/Honor Society is made official recently) that you can attend.For the sports and clubs, the people there treat you as if you're part of their family and that's great! There's also a variety of classes that you can take that has to do with your academic ability or the career path that you really want to be in. The problem with Cedar Ridge High School though is the teachers. There are some teachers that are supportive, good, and caring and if you're going to be absent, they can take care of that for you. Then there's some teachers who are really rude and they always think what they're doing, but they're just not benefiting their students and their "teaching" is just awful. Other than that, the school is pretty good and I like how the school is progressing from a school with a tiny population of 9th and 10th graders to all the way to a school that will be a 6A school soon! -From a Freshman.

Submitted by a student

March 29, 2014

Though potential exists for the school to be great, it just hasn't happened overall. I've taught here for several years now. I thought that some of the problems in the first year were due to its being new and lacking systems in place. However, the same problems exist now that surfaced in the first year with little or no effort to actually fix them. Teachers are told to hold students accountable to tardies, discipline, academics, etc., but there is no real consequence, so students can regularly be seen skipping classes and hanging out in the cafeteria or roaming the halls. There are some teachers who really care and give above and beyond, but they can't carry an entire school. There are some teachers whose student scores have never been acceptable, yet they are allowed to keep their exact same job, doing the same thing that didn't work the year before or the year before that. I have watched over the last 3 years talented and dedicated teachers leaving the school because they are not being heard or supported. If this trend doesn't change, the beautiful building and extra-curricular successes will not be able to hide the poor academic focus for the non-AP student.

Submitted by a teacher

July 5, 2013

As a parent of a boy starting the 10th grade and a girl starting her senior year I have been happy with the academic experience they have received so far. The parents are very involved in this school and it shows. My son is on the golf team and we've been happy with the way the teachers have been able to keep him up to date on his assignments whenever he misses class for tournaments. It is a new facility which is great but it is very large. I would suggest parents find an activity or club where their kids fit in.

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September 8, 2012

As parents who emphasize academics, we are very happy with Cedar Ridge. We can without a doubt say our student learns at this school. It is a large, diverse school (which helps prepare our child for life outside of our home) and still students receive the individualized attention and focus they need to ensure their academics are contributing to their personal and academic growth. This is the third year for the school to be open and I am impressed with how efficiently everything is run, especially considering the size. The fact there is a huge selection of electives, activities and clubs to capture students attention and get them involved allows each to find their niche. Teachers and staff care and are respectful and involved. There is a very active PTSA contributing as well. The entire area is very down to earth and accepting and this shows through the students who are able to pursue their own passions and interests with acceptance and support for who they are and what they each want to accomplish.

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February 3, 2012

So far the second year of this school isn't much better than the first. The office staff is rude and unhelpful to both students and parents. The teachers are hit and miss. Although the facility is new the teachers are not, so the adjustment period shouldn't be that big of one if your hiring staff with the knowledge to do their job already. Now that the school is already over crowded makes you wonder how the district planned the school in the first place, makes no sense, they were begging for students the first year and now they are going to be loosing schools and next year will be the first year that its all 4 grades. I think there is the room for it to be a good school, just not sure it will happen. Expectations were set high based on the principals previous job but I'm not sure that its been met. Having the focus be on sports vs academics is also frustrating not all students are jocks and it isn't preparing them for the real world of work or college.

Submitted by a parent

May 22, 2011

For a first year this school is pretty good! It is pretty diverse and it is super high tech school. The band (which I am a current member) Is award winning so is the Theater and Orchestra and Choir, Pretty good athletics department. I say this school has a pretty good future!

Submitted by a student

March 28, 2011

This brand new, super high tech school has a great reputation. According to the students attending, all the best teachers and most useful resources for learning are available here. The school is huge, and has standards exceeds the education of the other high schools in this district. This high school has a chance of a very glorified future.

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